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Come join the team...

We're currently looking for creative and talented individuals to join our UK team at our new studio and workshop in Warwickshire starting early Spring 2019. Here you will find a list of upcoming vacancies, you can also check back in for updates and new roles.

Why work for BBCo..

BBCo launched in 2014 as a headwear brand designing headgear for skiers, snowboarders, surfers and anyone who enjoyed life outdoors. Since 2014 the brand has grown significantly and we are now opening a design studio and workshop in the heart of the UK's textile belt. With new products in development we are currently looking for a team to help us bring our production back to the UK. 

Our Products

Our new range of headwear is made from the best British materials we can source, from wax cottons all the way through to small artisan wool spinners. We take a fresh approach to headwear whilst also ensuring our products are sustainable and eco conscious. If you're a mad hatter and love a folk fedora or a closet cap collector with a passion for board sports and outdoor living why not come and join the team! 


If you don't see a vacancy that's quite right for you at this time you can still send us your details for future roles or just drop us a line and introduce yourself