Staying Wild



This Winter we took the opportunity to strap on our boots and explore some of the amazing scenery of the mighty Midwest stopping of in the states of Wyoming, Utah, Idaho and Arizona.




It seems everyone travels in different ways and have different reasons to travel but for us, travel is about finding different communities and different ways of life, a chance to explore the road less travelled. These experiences are what influences our work and helps us to develop our products. 

On route to Wyoming we stop at a  remote town called Kanab, Utah, about 1.5hr drive from the Arizona boarder, turns out we weren't the only ones visiting as Nicolas Cage was also in town shooting his new movie! 

It's so easy to pass small towns by but often when you dig deep you can find creative gems such as the Kanab Creek Bakery, a small artisan store serving the most amazing home made pastries and Turmeric Lattes! 



where time stand still..

If you're a fan of vintage trucks and old cars then these remote dusty towns are a gold mine for collectors and enthusiast. Often time seems to have stood still in these places which sometimes isn't such a bad thing. Kanab has a 1950's vibe with old school drive thru's and neon sign posts reminiscent of the old movie stills..


If old cars and bakery's just aren't your thing then Kanab also has something even more epic happening in town, a brand new skate park!! This is the real gem, Kanabs new hybrid pumptrack and skatepark....who'da thought it! Time for us to dust of our old decks and go brake some bones...

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  • Annie Richmond
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