Lockdown Hit List

Lockdown Hit List

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It's pretty hard to shred and enjoy our usual escapades during lockdown so we decided to use this time of enforced isolation to catch up on some of the films, sounds tracks, and books that we just hadn't had the chance to enjoy over the last 12 months. Like most people not being able to get out and about left us feeling un-productive and pretty guilty, sat in mid week watching surf and snowboarding films made us feel like students again but the inspiration we found in this content invigorated us and actually made us more creative and productive.

Here's a list of some of the material you need to get involved in!


Kissed by God

A pretty hard watch and gauranteed to put you through an emotional rollercoster but Kissed By God is a very honest look back at one of surfings legends and his struggles during his success and his rivalry with Kelly Slater.


That's It That's All

Okay so we may have watched this at least 10 times in the past but we'll always make time for another viewing. We loved AOF and Forth Phase but this for us is still one of the best snowboarding films of all time! The soundtrack, the scenery, the skills, this film nails it every time. Even if you're not a snowboarder you can still enjoy this film. We had the opportunity to visit Asymbol in Wyoming just before it closed and you can see how snowboarding and art can span from mountain to movie and finally into canvass. Class act!


We Are Blood - P-Rod

We saw the premiere of this in London a couple of years back so now it's available on Amazon it was definitely worth another watch. The slams these guys take will make your eyes water. What we love about these films is that you don't need to be a skater to appreciate what it takes to get to this level and the dedication needed to pull this stuff off. Inspirational stuff!



Wanderer by Mogli

If you ever watched Expedition Happiness then you may have already heard this album. Mogli has such an epic haunting voice, definitely one to add to the road trip playlist. Road Holes is our favourite.


Bikepacking: Mountain Bike Camping Adventures on the Wild Trails of Britain

We may still be in lockdown but we find planning future trips helps us to mentally get through this current little dilema. We found this book at our local book store prelockdown, the link takes you to waterstones but if you can visit your local book shop we would always encourage this. Trips abroad may be slightly more difficult this year so if you are looking to stay local and want ideas for local trails and new mountain bike locations then this book is a great addition to your pre planning list. Check it our HERE


Kit suggestions to take with you

Eco Essentials Beanie - Grey

Eco Essentials Beanie - Grey


Our Essentials range of beanies are part of our new range of sustainable headwear. These beanies are made from 60% Polylana®. Polylana® is a low-impact alternative to 100% acrylic fiber with less energy, water, waste, CO2 and microfiber release. A classic unisex fit  BBCo...

The Fistral Beanie - Rustic Red

The Fistral Beanie - Rustic Red


The Fistral beanie is inspired by our favourite surfing spot down at Fistral bay. This beanie is hardy and hard wearing ideal for cold surf days, made from 100% British Wool and made in the UK. 100% British Wool Made...

Fistral Navy Wax 5 Panel cap

Fistral Navy Wax 5 Panel cap


We've extended our workwear range of wax 5 panels to include two new designs inspired by cold water surfing and the need for headwear that could stack up against all elements, the hot, the cold, and the salty brine spray....

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